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Monday, January 2, 2017

What is SEO?



Simply, just SEO (Search Engine Optimization), well it involves doing things from your site that search engine want's more.

How would search engines like your site more? Nice, huh?
When people are searching using google for topics they want, it is the turn of google to suggest your site for the content people are searching.

SEO is better, let's try it steps by steps!

I once designed a shopping site (cosmetics) to one of my friend a year ago. After I complete building his site, he ask me something like this:

Him: "I have my website already, why anybody isn't calling?"
Me: "Having a website doesn't guarantee that you can be found."
Her: "Why? If someone googling best cosmetics in (his country) my site should show. Why it's not?"

It's a good question.

To be honest, being on the front page of the Search Engine Result page (SERPs) is not hard.

We have a billion of webpages out there, ranking from top to bottom is very difficult. There's so many competition!

But let's back up even more.

How do Search Engine work by the way?

Search engine uses robots, (bots, spiders, etc.) that works around or "crawl", this is how they do:

1. Web pages. It is the term referring to single content web page online. It is the same as "Wordpress Page" or "Blog Post". Wordpress and Blogger pages are called webpages or simply pages because they are single page content with original web address or URL.

2. Indexing. Web pages that contains informations.

3. File & Store. You should both do this so it can be quickly found when someone searching it. (Come to think of it if all the billion pages online is not organize?)

This is what happens when you (human) search something online:
  • You go to Google or other search engines
  • Type your "query" search terms and press Enter
  • This time Google worked, it will quickly looks for web pages that bots have indexed and they showed you a list of search results, sometimes, exactly what you are looking for.
The search engine (like Google, Yahoo, Bing) will filled you up with all the results.

Do you know the meaning of this to bloggers and website owners?
Google, a kind of search engine that is very important on showing up a webpage in a first page of the results on a particular search.

Not all searchers click on the second page of the results given by the search engine. If you have more traffic, it's an acheivement, that means that your site or blog is popular.

Then, bloggers and website owners always working out on their sites and blogs to become SEO-friendly. With that, search engine will bring up their site's webpages on the first page.

It will not happen if the search engine doesn't know that your site exist, As I stated above, when your site was indexed, that means:

  1. Your site was found by bots (spiders)
  2. It was crawled
  3. The content of your blog was figured out by the search engine
  4. Page ranks of your site was determined

SEO? What is it again?
SEO (search engine optimization) is doing all the things to take away all the hindrance / barriers the bots may face during those steps above.

It helps making your site easy to read and very attractive to the search engine spiders. They will remember your site if they found out that your site has a good content and good idea wihtout hanging up.

If someone searches that are related to you site's topic, the search engine will do the honor and recommend your site as a good source.

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