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Thursday, March 30, 2017

How To Create Sitemap for Blogspot/Blogger

How To Create Sitemap for Blogspot


The platforms like wordpress provides you the feature of automatic sitemap generation.But how do you create sitemap of your blogger platform based blog. It is important that you should have a sitemap  to promote your website.The sitemaps can be added to platforms like Google Webmaster Tools.

Let us see how to create a sitemap (site map) of blogger blog . Once you have added your blogger blog to Google Webmaster Tools you need to add Sitemap of your blog to Google Webmaster Tools.

But how do you create sitemap for your blog?
It is simple.
You can either use your RSS feed or ATOM feed as sitemap in Google Webmaster Tools.
First find your RSS feed or ATOM feed URL.Normally it will be in the following format.

Normally the feed will not have all your blog entries,it will have the latest ‘n’ number of entries.

So how do you create a feed URL with all the blog entries?
You can do it as follows.
Just add the ‘start blog index’ and ‘number of blogs’ in the feed url as parameters as below.
The above url will include maximum 500 feed entries in the sitemap.

Now you are ready to add your Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools. 

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