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Friday, March 31, 2017

Setup Custom Domain Name on Blogspot With Godaddy


What is the Difference Between Hosted and Custom Domain Name

When you create a blog from Blogspot or WordPress, you need to choose a domain name for your blog space like:  or Here you will find that you can't delete or from your domain name. It's because these are the default name which is are recommended by the owners so these are the standard or hosted domains.

On the other hand custom domain is customized by you in order to increase the domain authority of your domain address. In order to customize your chosen domain, you have to buy a domain from domain name provider like GoDaddy, Namecheap, HostGator & Bluehost. 

To buy or register a domain from GoDaddy please refer following guide: How to pick a domain.

After register a domain it is very important to know that how you configure it with your blogger account, it is very simple to do that.
Let's start …

Step By Step Guide To Setup Custom Domain Name on Blogger With Godaddy

First of all, go to your GoDaddy account.

Then Click Over The Domains> Manage

After Clicking on the Manage You will see the list of domains that you bought Earlier. suppose you bought domain. then you will only see this domain in your Domain name list.

Now Click On the Domain name . you will redirect to another page named as domain details.

Now go to the DNS Zone File. you will see The earlier form.

Now go to the another tab and switch your blogger account. Click on Setting > Basic >Setup a Third Party Url for your blog.

After doing so you will see something like that…

Next step: you have to put your domain new domain  (with www prefix )that you have already bought.
Then Click on the Save. As you click on the Save button. you will see an error.

In this case, you have to copy the ( CNames) Host Field & and Point to  Field.

then go tho the Godaddy account > DNS Zone File. Add both of these  Cnames in the Cname section. After Adding both of these cnames clicks save.

That's it, you have successfully redirected your old domain to new one. now again go to your blogger settings > basic and click save. your domain name redirected to the

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